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Hypnotherapy for Past Trauma

stressed personTrauma and past traumatic issues are as individual as each of us. Trauma happens when we find ourselves in any situation in life that we perceive unmanageable.

A seemingly trivial event to one person may seem traumatic to another, and even though a person is comfortable in perhaps potentially dangerous situations, they may come undone in a seemingly less stressful situation.

Of course, at different times in our lives when our defences are less strong, we may find ourselves distressed more easily.

The reason that we experience traumatic events and memories differently is that the subconscious mind, being very protective, may go into ‘alarm’ (stress) when perceiving the possibility of a recurrence of the traumatic event.

Symptoms can range in severity and might be experienced as –

• Uncomfortable feelings when hearing a song from the past
• Smells might induce reminders of disturbing situations or people
• Re-experiencing the trauma in the form of intrusive memories, nightmares
or flashbacks often associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Avoidance of reminders and numbing of emotional responsiveness
• Hyperarousal – feeling jumpy and on edge
• Depression
• Anxiety disorders (such as panic, phobias, and general anxiety)

The subconscious mind will run patterns around events, almost ‘waiting’ for the event to happen, that way we can ‘keep on edge’ or ‘keep our guard up’. This is helpful if the threat is dangerous, though when the threat is possibly unfounded or when it makes everyday life difficult, then the pattern can be safely changed.

Hypnotherapy helps greatly with changing the subconscious negative patterns that may be holding you in fear.

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