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What Perth Hypnotherapy Services Offer

Lisa Webber with client and parentWith more than 30 years of combined experience, Perth hypnotherapists Beverley and Lisa bring a client-centered approach to the unique needs of every person they see.

At Perth Hypnotherapy Solutions we are proud to offer a variety of hypnotherapy care that targets many conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Addiction: Whether you’re struggling with addictions like gambling, smoking, alcohol, computers, food, shopping or sugar among others, certified hypnotherapists, Lisa and Beverley can help you unlock tools inside your mind that redirect thoughts around your addiction.

    * Please note, we do not work with clients facing severe drug addiction.

  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression: Many of the problems we face in life, including those listed above and below, stem from anxiety and stress relating to work, family, relationships, or striving to be the ‘perfect’ person.
  • Fears and Phobias: If you’re ready to face a fear or phobia and finally put it behind you, we can help you get there. We routinely work with adults and children who seek our help in overcoming fears of public speaking, flying, animals and school.
  • Insomnia: Good quality sleep is important for your health, mood and general performance. We’ll work with you to change the underlying reason behind your insomnia.
  • Smoking: Many of our clients who smoke come to us with an initial want to quit— they are looking for that extra push to get them there. We’ll help address your internal conflicts that are keeping you tied to cigarettes or tobacco and develop tools to kick the habit for good.
  • Children with Anxiety: Our hypnotherapist Lisa works almost exclusively with children, helping them overcome anxiety relating to stress, school and even sports. Parents are always invited to sit in during their sessions, as it can help reinforce what we go over while they’re new learnings at home.

Discover A Natural Solution with Hypnotherapy

Discover a natural way of making changes through hypnotherapy. We’d love the chance to speak with you. To get started today, contact us to book your first appointment.


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