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What to Expect

Welcome to Perth Hypnotherapy Solutions

We’re thrilled you’re considering hypnotherapy for yourself or a loved one. Rest assured, you’ve selected a practice that’s dedicated to providing individualised, client focused sessions for each person.

Your First Session

Your first visit with us will typically last about one and a half hours. We’ll begin by talking with you about what hypnotherapy is and how it can help you with your specific issue. We’ll spend a little time discussing your issues and answer any questions or reservations you may have to help put your mind at ease. The hypnotherapy part of your session will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes after which we will spend a little time discussing where to from here. You will be able to drive safely after your session; feeling refreshed and like a load has been lifted off your shoulders. We’ll always do our best to ensure every step is taken to bring you quality, honest and effective hypnotherapy sessions. Before you leave, we’ll discuss the best course of sessions for you and give you the option to schedule another visit with us.

Ongoing Sessions

Our goal is to help you become more resourced in your day to day lives and challenges, making the changes you desire in order to be able to do that. At our practice, you are always in control of your sessions and the frequency of them.

Schedule Your Visit

Lisa and Beverley would love the opportunity to meet yourself or a family member who you think may benefit from hypnotherapy. With more than 30 years of combined experience, your hypnotherapy sessions will be designed specifically to address your unique needs. We look forward to working with you!


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