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Insomnia Hypnotherapy

insomniaIn 1843 James Braid, a Scottish Surgeon, named hypnotism after the Greek God Hypnos, as he believed hypnosis resembled a form of sleep. So how can hypnosis help with Insomnia?

During hypnotherapy, our Perth Hypnosis Specialist will guide you into a relaxed state of mind and body to instigate positive changes in sleep patterns and wellbeing. Hypnosis helps with quieting down the mind chatter, making lifestyle changes, dealing with pain of physical or emotional issues and additionally addresses habits that are counter productive to good quality, restful sleep.

Insomnia is classed as either the PRIMARY issue or it can be SECONDARY to physical, behavioural, mental or emotional factors such as pain, substance misuse, menopause, stress, anxiety or depression. In Australia 30% of the population report having severe sleep disturbance and 5% suffer chronic insomnia.

There are three types of insomnia –

Onset insomnia – taking more than half an hour to go to sleep.
Middle insomnia – having long periods of being awake in the night.
Terminal insomnia – waking up too early

The reasons for insomnia are as varied as the clients seen by Perth Hypnosis Specialists. For this reason, each treatment program is tailor made to meet the specific requirements of the individual.

Why not enjoy to benefits of better sleep?

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